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Real estate on the Costa del Sol

Why use an Exclusive Buying Agent?

Let us guide you to ensure you buy the house you dream of

Real estate agents in Spain always get their commission  from the property sellers side. That means that they work exclusively and only for the seller. Their only interest is to sell that property.

So whenever they try to convince you that they work for you, it is not true!
“The one who pays the piper calls the tunes”.

House Focus is the only real estate agent on the Costa del Sol, who works exclusively for the buyer.

The buyer pays House Focus for the service to search, to negotiate and to arrange all
legal matters. So you will buy a legal property without any hidden issues.
We focus 100% on you and make sure you buy that one property for the best price! Our goal
is that you save money and will end up with a fantastic (holiday) home to enjoy your sunny
life on the Costa del Sol.

When it comes to analysing your wishes and searching for your perfect property, we will always use our knowledge of the real estate market to make that perfect match for you. Price/quality has our focus!  

From searching to signing, security all the way! That is our motto..

We will make sure the property has no debts nor hidden issues by using our thorough method to check every property according legal/financial regulations. If necessary, we will also revise the construction of your property.

During the whole process we will take the lead and guide you step by step. So you will not buy problems, but have the security to buy a beautiful home to enjoy sunny Southern Spain.

Why make things complicated? With House Focus you will be assured of the best selection of properties as soon as available. Whenever something new and interesting is on the market, we will contact you straight away. You will have a good overview of the available properties in this complex market, without having the trouble to go through every real estate website yourself. Sit back and relax, with our exclusive House viewing video-tour, viewing houses was never more efficient.

Our goal is to keep things as simple as possible. Buying a house should be a positive experience, right!

Buying that unique property for the best price, that’s what it’s all about!

With our years of experience in negotiating and knowledge of the do’s and don’ts of the Spanish culture, we will buy for the best possible price.

Hiring House Focus means hiring the only real estate agent on the coast who saves you money! Our promise to you is that we work only and exclusively for you. So be smart and invest in our professional service to get the best deal on the Costa del Sol.

Buying in the current Spanish property market is a smart investment. House prices are still considerably low. Although the market is rising again, there are still great deals to be made. Using our wide local network will give you the advantage to view houses which have not yet appeared in Real Estate Agents windows nor on the internet! Outsmart others and get the best deals delivered on your doorstep.

Investing on the Costa del Sol can make extremely high profits. Holiday letting of your property delivers high returns. House Focus can arrange all legal issues so renting out is not only highly profitable but also a secure investment. From purchasing to renting out the new property, the House Focus team can arrange it all.

Why Spain? Why Andalucia?